Portti Santamukseen – talvinen näkymä


Unique experience and a restaurant for all senses

The unique atmosphere of private restaurant Santamus, located at the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi, offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. The purl of a brook, the pond and its trout, and the glow of burning firewood in the dark create such an ambience that the guests can hardly believe their senses. Santamus could well be described as a “restaurant of sensations”. In the midst of our hectic lifestyles, Santamus allows you to pause, calm your mind and put all your senses to use.

The amazing yet versatile environment combined with top quality Lappish gourmet kitchen and a wide range of services offers an impressive setting for incentive and leisure groups. Santamus offers exclusive availability hosting only 1 group at a time. Experience an unforgettable evening, fully customized to meet your wishes.

The interior of the restaurant with its characteristic brook

Our services

Santamus is a unique location for meetings, incentives, Christmas parties, weddings and other events. Apart from our Saturday brunches, we are only open by order.

Santamus’ Saturday Brunches

In August and September the mysterious Santamus opens its doors to public. Every other week we arrange a delicious Saturday brunch made of mostly organic and local produce. You are warmly welcome to enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies and unique atmosphere of Santamus!

Our 2021 Saturday brunches
at 11 am and 1 pm:

  • September 4 and 18
  • October 2, 16 and 30
  • November 13 and 20

29 €/adults, 19 €/children 2–12 years
sales@arcticsnowhotel.fi /
+358 40-8453774

Dinners for all senses

Dining in Santamus is an experience for all senses. With our local Lappish gourmet using first-rate ingredients and preferring organic food produced by local farmers, we offer you menus that are unique and of high quality. Our guests have a possibility to watch how the chefs conjure up a delicious meal in their open-plan kitchen. To our guests ́ surprise, dessert is served on a tarred wooden boat which emerges from the blue mist sliding towards them accompanied by the sound of waves.

We have a capacity of 150 persons for a full 3- or 4-course meal in Santamus. The tables are set to go along with the atmosphere of Santamus with an air of tradition, warm colors and stylish layout.

Delicious main dish

Pampering sauna evenings

To bring all senses to life, Santamus offers the opportunity to have sauna as a part of the Santamus experience. In an intimate sauna area, you can enjoy the warmth of a sauna and relaxing bubbles from an outdoor jacuzzi. The sauna can fit up to 12 people at once and will be booked privately for you. Next to the sauna there is a room with a fireplace where the group can enjoy drinks, snacks and each other’s company.


To add even more relaxation to the sauna experience, you can book a foot bath made out of local herbs. After the evening you will leave cleansed, papered and hopefully full of laughter and joy.

You can book the sauna for a bigger group also and we can divide the group for different elements of the sauna experience. We can customize a booking for you including snacks and drinks of your choice.

A group of visitors enjoying the outdoor jacuzzi

Interactive music show

A versatile musician and a charismatic host – Matti Korva can make your Santamus Experience even more special. As the host of your Santamus visit, he will make sure you have a fantastic evening with no space for moments without fun. In the Matti Korva Show you will get to listen to instruments you may have never heard before such as the Finnish national instrument “Kantele”. You will also get the chance to learn how to play the saw. Everyone gets the opportunity to find their own musicality and to share the joy of succeeding as a member of “The Dream Team Orchestra”. Whether it’s a wedding, a business meeting or a party, Matti Korva can offer you live music played with the piano, the accordion, the saw and the kantele.

Musician and host Matti Korva


The brook running through Santamus invites our guests to test their skills in gold panning. Only the very lucky will find real gold from river Lemmenjoki but as thoughtful hosts we make sure that everyone is lucky in Santamus. Our guests will receive a necklace with a glass bottle where you can store your own gold nugget to take with you as a memory of this special moment. Goldpanning is a great teambuilding and interactive activity where the joy of finding your own nugget brings out big smiles and creates a positive atmosphere.

Gold panners enjoying themselves